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This is a small selection of our portfolio - Please contact us for further examples.
1. Raw tulipwood and MDF before preparation
2. After preparation
3.  Finished result
4. A Wickes kitchen sanded down and ESP-ed and given two to three coats of acrylic eggshell and varnished where high useage was apparent.
5.  Before
6. After
7.  In preparation
8.  After
9  Painted chairs
10. Chairs were painted - .sanded down ESP-ed with two coats of primer undercoat and two to three coats of acrylic eggshell.
11. Painted in acrylics.
12. Gold paint was applied to all mouldings and wiped off, and then silver paint was added in certain areas.
13. Finished result
14. Kitchen island repaint in progress
15. Pastel blue eggshell
16. Kitchen island finished
17. Cream oil based eggshell, with gold mouldings.
18. Part of kitchen showroom
19. Part of kitchen showroom
20. Part of kitchen showroom
21. Detail of kitchen door painted in oils
22. Detail of kitchen door painted in oils